6 Tips For DanceSport MakeUp With A Youthful Look


The best thing about make-up is that it allows you to highlight your unique features or showcase a part of your character. With this, there is really no one way of approaching DanceSport MakeUp that works for everyone, it is really based on your goals. One goal can be a youthful look.

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  1. At any age, a rounder face has a more youthful look than a chiselled face. While contouring to highlight high cheekbones can look stunningly beautiful, a side by side comparison with no contour will show that it adds a look of maturity.
  • Instead of contour, use soft blush in pink if you have cool/bluish skin undertones, or peach or bronze if you have warm/yellowish undertones in your skin. Apply the blush in a circular motion without any clearly defined line to give a more youthful look than contour. As with everything for competitions you will need much more color than in everyday life.


  1. A softer, brighter shadow has a more youthful look than a smoky or shiny shadow. Any treatment that hollows out the eye by making the crease exceptionally dark compared to the brow is very sultry and sexy, but not as fresh and vibrant as a softer eye shadow blend.
  • For dancesport competitions, soft still needs to be very visible. The softness we want is in the blending of the color. Have fun with bright colors. Also do not shy away from iridescent makeup. Iridescent makeup has a nice glow and has with multiple subtle colours like AB rhinestones. This is very different than a harsh metallic shine. Metallic shine is eye-catching by not flattering to mature or very young skin.
  1. Do not pluck or line your eyebrows so they look too thin. Thin brows can look interesting and chic, but there is a high risk of them looking too harsh.
  • A natural but well shaped brow is always looks flattering. If your brows are naturally very thin, you can fill them in with a pencil. When doing this, first practice after watching tutorials, have a pro do it for you, or get one to show you how. You need to feel comfortable creating very clean and balanced lines, and using light strokes to get the right effect.


  1. Less is more with foundation. A bit of concealer over a mineral based make-up looks natural but has good coverage. Make sure there is moisturizer underneath and top it off with a high quality translucent powder and you are good to go. You will need to use more foundation than daily make-up to stand up to the wear and lights of competition, but skin should still look like skin, even up close.
  • A very matte face with heavy foundation is a very specific look that only pros typically pull off well. If you are not a pro make-up artist, it may look mask-like, which ages everyone at any age in a way than generally does not work well.
  1. Never pull your lids when applying liner. Whatever your age is, it will create a jagged line when you release, and will deposit too much liner in tiny creases.
  • Strong black liner on the top lid works with just about any look. Skip the liner at the bottom, or use a softer or brighter color of liner on the bottom for a fresher look.


  1. Bright lipstick will match bright eyes. Skip the lip liner for more youthful appearance also pass on the dark intense colours
  • If you feel you must use some liner to ensure a clean look, keep it focused on centre of the lip with less or none on the outside of the lip where the top and bottom lip meet. Also avoid using a lip liner that is very much darker than the lip colour. It will look very harsh. If your lips are thin, put highlighter around them to plump them up, rather than using a dark line on or outside the lip line.

Outside of these suggestions, there are many other things that you can do, which are mainly about having fun with your makeup. Glue a few rhinestone near your eye. Go nuts with thick and long false lashes. Play with colors that you never typically wear. Nothing feels more youthful than a bit of adventure.

Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Photography: Egorich.ca
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review