6 Reasons Why You Should Compete


Is it really necessary to step onto a beautiful dance floor at some competition and compete? Hmm, good question.

Many DanceSport virgins wonder why they should take the plunge into ballroom dance competitions. “Social dancing is so fun!” they recite while trying to resist the draw of the rhinestones and hair gel.  I’m probably preaching to the choir, but let’s list out the reasons everyone should compete so we can prove to our accountants why we write off our DanceSport competitions under “mental health expenses” and “education costs”.

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1.   Ballroom dance competitions are a positive experiences.

Studies have proven that experiences make people happier than possessions. And let’s face it, if you love competing like most of us do, you don’t have a lot of possessions other than bottles of self-tanner and suede-soled shoes.

Ryan Kenner Photography

2.   You’re surrounded by people who love doing the same thing as you.

Instead of feeling competitive, remember: you don’t have to explain to anyone in this room why you needed to get up at 4:30am to do your hair or why being on DWTS is not your ultimate goal.


3.   The energy of the event.

Whether it’s the nervous kind or the excited kind, unless you’re a stone-hearted, brain-dead fool, you are going to be excited when you’re there. And that feel-good glow will last you into the next work week, at least.  Which leads us to number 4…



(*included with your registration fee) You will be happier. Woohoo!


5.   Like you needed MORE motivation to get better?

Whether you think of a DanceSport competition as a progress check or a short-term goal or a long-term goal, having a date X to have achievement Y complete is a great kick in the pants.


6.   Great music and great floor.

All the music is the perfect tempo; the floor is big and uncrowded.  How often do you get those conditions at the local dance club social?


Author: Kate Bratt – Riot & Frolic
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review