5 Lies Dancers Hear Way Too Often


Just a few things we hear all the time, and why they are not entirely true

DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

1. You’ve got Talent

  • What is talent anyway? The dictionary definition says it is “a natural skill or aptitude”.
  • Getting more practical, it likely means that you have a particular body type that makes certain moves easier; or that you were exposed to a variety of musical styles and musical interpretations at an early age, which makes it easier to hear and connect to melodies and rhythms.
  • Having these attributes and experiences are, actually, just fortunate accidents of birth and circumstance. They mean nothing unless you do something with them.
  • If someone says that you have talent, they are really seeing what you have done with what you have been given. In other words, hard work.
  • It might be better to say: The way you dance is beautiful/inspiring/awesome. These words recognize your accomplishments  – whether early and modest, or advanced and complex. Whatever your starting point is.
  • The word “talent” may confuse you into thinking, that things you have are more important than what you do with them.
DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

2. Every Moment of Dancing is Pure Joy

  • Without a doubt, no one would be a dancer of any sort, if the process of learning and doing was not gratifying.
  • But gratifying does not always mean joyous.
  • Sometimes, it means you need to do something that you don’t like (likely because you can not do it well at first), and do it over and over again until you do like it (which likely happens when you have mastered it).
  • During that process, you might get frustrated, you might want to give up, you might ache a bit, but overall the joy of the process and the joy of the accomplishment way overshadows everything else.
  • Is there an immense pleasure in dancing? … Absolutely!!
  • Does the process need to be fun and engaging to you?…yes, of course!
  • Are you going to feel joy every moment… are you kidding me ?!  #*&% .
DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

3. The More you Practice, the Better you Get.

  • The truth is, if you don’t practice you have no real chance of getting any better.
  • Unfortunately, if you practice without goals and purpose it is much like jumping in your car and driving without thinking of direction, and expecting that you will eventually get to where you want to go. Or, scribbling on a page for several hours a day, and expecting to eventually develop the skill of an elite author.
  • Effective practice is more than repetition. To be effective, repetition should have a purpose, such as improved timing, clarity, technique or something else.
  • Think… move… think some more… and move some more … and repeat until you can move beautifully without thinking… Then do it all again with another goal in mind. That, I believe, is effective practice.
DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

4. This Costume looks Stunning on You. You Have to Get It!

  • Well maybe…
  • Does it fit properly? Can you move easily in any direction in it? Will it encumber some of the more unique parts of your routines?
  • If all of that is perfect, does it make you feel great?
  • If it doesn’t, move on.
  • A costume is more than just clothing, as it is more that a great look. On the floor, it’s job is to enhance you physically and mentally, since both are equally important.
DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

5. Dancing is a Great Hobby

  • Hmm … back to the dictionary which says that “a hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation”.
  • Yes for non-pros it might not be a main occupation, but the description of hobby still does not seem to work all that well.
  • Dancing is more of a drive.
  • It is someone you need to do as much as you want.
  • Something, that can change moods and build spirit.
  • Something you can share, and get back more than you gave when sharing.
  • Much more than just a hobby.

Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Photography: DanceSport Photography
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review

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