4 Reasons Why Your Dancing Might Feel Stuck


Like pretty much everything in life, you will have ups, downs, and the occasional feeling of being stuck. Each of these feelings is actually more likely and more extreme for things that you really care about, which is why they are some common for dancers regarding their dancing.

Feeling stuck can often feel a bit worse than feeling down, largely because the reason for the feeling is often less clear.The first thing to remember is the feeling stuck is a feeling not a fact. In some cases it indicates that things need to change, in other it means that your perspective needs to change. In all cases, you will be better off when you understand why you are feeling that way.

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There are 4 main kinds of stuck:


  1. The Level Stuck

    This is the easiest stuck to figure out. It can happen when you are ready level of dancing and somehow can’t seem to get there.

The key thing to remember: is that if you are making progress, continue what you are doing, nothing happens over night. If you not making progress, you might need to do things differently

When you need to change yourself: Think of the things that you are often told but do not always listen to… solo practice, conditioning outside of dancing …whatever it is for you. This might be the key to your break through.

When you need to shake up your situation: Consider whether you need help in stretching your capabilities. Interestingly, taking workshops that are at aimed at a much higher level , going to more competitive competitions, and essentially surrounding yourself with examples of excellence may frustrate you a bit at first, but will reset your approach and mindset in an important way for you’re your success.


  1. The Star Stuck

    This type of stuck might happen if there is no next level for you to go to. You might be doing well in your dancing and frequently get recognition. The thing is that bravos rarely stay at the same level with the same people over time, as people expect you to be great. Even if you do continue to get accolades, you may come to expect it, and you may no longer have the same level of appreciation.

The key thing to remember: is that every moment of success is truly different than the last and is as amazing as the first. It is actually harder to keep on top than to stay on top so it should never be taken for granted.

When you need to change yourself: When your confidence becomes arrogance, and you start view or speak of others as less capable than you. This will eventually  bring you down emotionally since it puts you in a negative mindset. It will pose a risk to your success, by subtlety reducing your drive whether you realize it or not.

When you need to shake up your situation: When you are no longer challenged. You may feel this even if you do not take success for granted. For many of us it is important to take a few risks in dancing every once in a while to re-stimulate the awesomeness of novelty and the excitement of being a beginner again in some way.


  1. Comfort Stuck

    You may have been doing things the same way for a long time. Your practice, your level of competition, your style. This may work well for you and be comfortable. But it may also drain your energy and level of interest over time.

The key thing to remember is that everyone has a need for predictably; and everyone as a need for variety, but different people have each at different levels. You may even be different yourself in different situations or at different points in your life.  Comfort is only an issue if makes you feel stuck.

When you need to change yourself: When you start to wonder if you are capable of doing anything different. Your comfort should always be a choice not a default. For example, you may choose to do one dance style for your entire career and be perfectly happy with that. If however, you want to try something else, but are holding yourself back from even trying, you will feel stuck.

When you  need to shake up your situation: When you feel that your comfort level is really more of someone else’s comfort level, and someone else’s expectations. It is not than uncommon to stay in a style, in a pattern or with a goal that no longer feels like it fits you, because you are told that it is good, good for you or because you think that making a change will upset someone you care about. The best thing to do is to talk this out. You might find that the expectations and encouragement of others focuses you in a particular why, because that is what they think you want.


  1. Stuck In The Past:

    You may reminisce about the great times with a former partner at the expense of focusing on the current partnership. You might have a costume or make-up style that was great when you first tried it, but now no longer gives you a boost.

The key thing to remember: is that every moment is unique. Getting the most out of it means paying attention to what is in front of you and available to you right then and there.

When you need to change yourself: When a lot of your energy goes into comparing the present to past. You will always get more out of you current situation if that is where all your energy is focused.

When you should shake things up: Whenever another part of your personal awesomeness is ready to take the stage. If you are not sure when this is, just try something new ….just for fun….no other reason needed. It doesn’t matter how old you are, a little play time never hurt anyone.

Good Luck, and be sure not to get stuck!

Author: Miss P – [www.CelebrateDanceSport.com]
Photography: Egorich.ca
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review