4 Quick Dance Exercises To Do Around The House


So, pretty much every dancer has seen the look on a non-dancer’s face as you chassé in kitchen, or ronde as the elevator door opens. The thing is, you can practice steps around the house and at work … but, you might want to do it alone or, at least, among friends and family who understand. These are a 4 Quick Exercises you can Do Around The House (Especially for Standard and Smooth dancers)

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1. A Door Jamb

Standard and Smooth followers, press the front of your body against the inside of a door jam. Yes, you read this correctly. Attach yourself from the top of your thigh to the top of your rib-cage. Soften your knees and extend your chest and head. Get used to the feeling because this is your position in closed hold. You could also do this against a wall but the inside of a door jam allows you to position your arms properly as well, so it is a bit better.

Leaders put your back against a door jam or wall. Make sure that there is no space to put your hand in any gap between it, and your back. You may have an awesome butt, but you need to practice tucking it in as part of your perfect posture.


2. A Large T-shirt or Flannel Pyjamas

Put the clothing around your shoulders and hold each end with each hand. Go to a mirror to position your arms exactly where your coach told you they should be. Keep them there for as long as you can, as you move around the house. The tension and slight give provided by holding the clothing, will make it easier for you to keep in position while maintaining the tone you need when you dance.


3. A Kitchen Counter

Put your hands on the edge of the counter and lift yourself up. Lifting your own body weight is great for your arms. You need strong arms to maintain your hold, heat after heat. Do the counter push-ups first facing the counter then backing the counter. Hold yourself as high as you can, as long as you can, and raise and lower as far as you can. You could also do floor push-ups (which would be very helpful for you overall physique), but the advantage of counter push-ups is that you can do them wearing just about anything. Since you are a dancer, you probably are always wearing something awesome, even around the house, so why mess up your clothes by doing it on the floor?


4. The bottom step on any staircase

Stand on the ball of your foot, with the ball positioned near the edge of the bottom step. If you are in the right position, the majority of your foot should hang with no place to land if your foot were to be placed flat. Lift and lower yourself so you are using your knee, thigh and ankle. You will also need to engage you core for balance. Keep doing this one leg at a time, in the dance position that you perfected in the door jam, and you will build power and control pretty quickly.

All of this just proves that, you CAN train everywhere, everyday, in some way… and if someone “walks in” on you, you can always explain what you are doing later. It’s not like you were doing it naked.
Were you?

Author: Miss P [www.CelebrateDanceSport.com]
Photography Source: Pinterest.com
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