2016 with DCR’s Instagram Video Moments

Dance Comp Review

About a month ago we have published 2015 DCR’s Instagram Video Moments, which proved to be a great success. And, you know, video work is very much like dancing – you make a lot of mistakes, you get frustrated with yourself, you go back to the roots and do it again… over and over again… And, I guess, If you practice it enough, it will come out better every single time.

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One of my main personal resolutions for the year of 2016, was to up my “technical” game, as well as get even more creative when shooting short videos. The “Annoying Dance Fan” trilogy was the first little “Burst” of creativity and a tiny victory against my judgemental-self. Then, DCR’s QUEST Video

Thank You ALL for the Support! YOU GUYS ROCK, and bring actual validity to all this!
So, here it is – JANUARY to MAY of this year DCR’s Insta Video Moments!