Stuff To Know Before Going To Blackpool


The actual truth on Blackpool Dance Festival is not only based on the pictures you see of competing dance couples on social medias. The whole trip to Blackpool is an experience on it’s own. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

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No matter where you land in the UK, (London, Manchester, Liverpool, etc.) you would need to take the train to Blackpool (Or in some cases, rent a car). It’s an easy ride, you should not have any problems getting tickets online or at the station.

You will be blown away (literally) by the weather. And the Northern wind will be chaotic and unpredictable. It might rain in the morning, and have a wonderful sunshine in the afternoon. The cold wind at that time of year is always present.

If you took the train and now need to get to your Hotel/Apartment Flat, be ready to feel a bit like a loose log in the back of a Hackney Carriage, because your cab driver is in the rush to get you to your destination point and get back to the train station asap for another round of “logs”.

Since we decided to experience the whole 9 yards of Blackpool, we stayed in one of the apartment flats. And the first thing you notice is how small they are. Forget your queen! It’s “Single” time, baby!


You will probably have a double faucet sink, which means – Time to play “patty cake” with cold and hot water when you’re washing your hands.

Hot water and electricity are controlled by the meter and can only be filled with £1 coins. Good luck if you’re in the shower and your meter needs more money. We sure learned the hard way.

MeterWinter Gardens (where the competition is held) is usually within 10-15 walk or roughly £5 cab fare away from where you stay. Depending, of course, on the location… and the wind.


All seating tickets are usually pre-sold way before the event, and some front rows are almost impossible to get at all. Standing tickets could be pre-ordered and are usually available to purchase at the door.


If you got a standing ticket and found a good spot to observe the dancing, be sure to stand your ground when a major event is on. If your spot is really desirable, people will do whatever it takes to squeeze you out of it.


When you come in for the evening session, spectators are usually dresses up. Some are even overdressed, no matter which night they come in.


There is no private videotaping allowed, and if caught, the security will request you to stop/delete the video or even escorted you out of the ballroom. Pictures, however, are allowed.


The Empress Ballroom is historical! You will definitely “feel it in the air” and on the walls.


As a competitor we hope you are okay with other people, regardless of gender, getting changed in front of you, as the Festival only has One Big Change Room.


You might be dancing a lot, or you might be out in the first round. Either or, you’ll be in the war zone!

11254463_901278383273173_4631001258347700140_oBut in the end…


Blackpool Dance Festival is One Hell of an Event


And every Ballroom Dancer should Experience it!


Author: Egor Shalvarov
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review