2014 La Classique Du Quebéc – a Canadian Four-Day Dance Off!

Even though the weather was rough and some dancers had difficulties arriving to Montreal, the event was very successful.
1661844_645986232135724_1771384693_nWonderfully decorated with beautiful silk draperies, flower vases and an enormous dance floor, the Classique brought in the atmosphere of elegant joy and spectacularism. Props to the organizers Meryem Pearson and Daniel Heroux.

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The competition started on Thursday morning with Pro Am Single and Multi American Smooth heats.
Slowly, it made it’s way to the first Amateur events of the competition: 16+ Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver & Gold Latin Challenges with quite a few couples attending , and some events having quarter-final rounds.
Late evening featured the World Pro Am Dance Sport Series Smooth Scholarships and Amateur Senior and 16+ Rising Star Quarter through Final International Latin. And the first day finished on the high note with the performance of the World Professional Latin Finalists – SERGEY SURKOV & MELIA.


Friday morning started with the Open & Closed Single and Multi Dance events of Pro Am American Rhythm. Afternoon and early evening was taken over by Senior, Pre-Bronze through Gold, International Standard.

Added to the events of mid evening, Pro Am’s World Dance Sport Series American Rhythm, and Rising Star 16+ Amateur International Standard. The biggest amateur event of the competition could be considered Open Amateur 16+ International Latin, sponsored by Parasuco.
Due to the amount of couples attending, 3 heats of about 10-12 couples in each heat had to be created. Open Professional American Rhythm and Open Professional International Standard were also featured in the same evening.

Bright and early Saturday morning was dedicated to Pro Am International Standard Single Dances, as well as quite a number of Amateur Pre-Bronze through Gold, Juvenile, Junior, Youth, Adult and Senior International Standard events. Midday into the early evening, Pro Am Standard Multi and Solo Exhibition Events were featured, along with Junior and Youth Open Championships.

1537445_645471032187244_1729122356_oDancers were also provided with a chance to attend the workshops and grab a lesson with the world finalists Sergey & Melia, which happened during the day in the practice room area resulting in a number of attendees.

The evening started with Amateur Youth and Senior Open Standard Championships with a mixture of Pro Am’s Best of the Best International Standard Scholarship.
For the highlights of the evening, there was a mix up of Adult Open Standard with 24+ couples, and Open Professional Smooth & Latin events.
And the icing on the cake, as well as the final event of the 3rd day of the competition, was  the Professional Show Dance with numerous entertaining routines.


Last day of the competition started out with Pro Am International Latin Single Dances, merging into Amateur Show Dance and Rising Star Professional Standard. The afternoon was taken over by numerous Juvenile through Senior, Pre-Bronze through Gold International Latin Championships.

The early evening could be called the “Cutest Part of the Day” with Teddy Bear (Up to 9 y/o) and Globe-Trotter (Ages 12-15) Championships, along with a mix of Adult 19+, Under 21 and Professional Rising Star International Latin Events. The evening wrapped up with appreciative TOP STUDIO, TOP TEACHER & TOP STUDENT awards and an awesome performance by New York Dance Force.

More detailed information on Results, Next Year’s Dates and Entry Forms could be found on the official La Classique Du Quebéc Website

And we are leaving you with a Video Teaser of World Professional International Latin Finalists | Enjoy!

Photography & Video provided by Egorich.ca