10 Unmistakable Signs That You Are A Dancesport Competitor


There are certain things in life that are unmistakable. The particular dampness in the air that says it is about to rain. That certain dryness in your mouth that says you are thirsty, and yes… those small but oh so clear signs that you are a dancesport competitor.


Here are 10 unmistakable signs that you are a dancesport competitor:

1. The only toothbrushes you own are travel toothbrushes.


2. Fly-away hair drives you nuts! One day you will fix that Starbucks’ barista with some proper hair spray. You absolutely will!

3. You arrange all your jewelry, food, shoes etc. starting from the one you like the least on the far right side, to the clear winner in your mind, on the far left side.


4. You smile brighter every time you are pulled over by a cop, make an error at work or forget something you promised to do. After all you know that if you smile brightly, it might confuse adjudicators into thinking you did not actually make that mistake, so it’s just second nature to you.


5. You mentally assess how springy/flat, slippery/slow, every floor is, and you despise concrete.


6. You know the flight schedule for pretty much everywhere.


7. Just about all of your clothes have some stretchiness in the fabric.


8. You feel a bit out of sorts when wearing a skirt without a body suit, or wearing pants without stirrups and wonderweb, even to the supermarket.


9. You know what Crystal AB means.


10. You look up and pay attention whenever you hear any 1 to 3 digit number. (Since you might be missing your heat)


Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Photography: Spooner
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review