10 Tips When PACKING For A Competition

It’s time to start packing for your next competition, and these 10 tips are here to help you not forget the most essential stuff, and, of course, give you a few hacks on how to make your life easier.

1. Searching for a flight to a competition? Go “Incognito”!

Most travel sites track visits and may increase your price based on search history. So, before searching for plane fares, clear your browser cache or go “Incognito” (Open Private Window)

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2. Contact the organizer for a better hotel deal.


It is known that in order for the organizers to run a comp at a hotel, they need to reserve a certain number of rooms. Usually, organizers get a better deal on rooms, so if you are early on reserving, you will get a better deal. Alternatively, you can try contacting the hotel directly. But, if the price still doesn’t meet your budget, you can always contact and stay in the close by hotels.

3. Scan or Take Pictures of your Passport, IDs and Credit Cards that are traveling with you.


You never know what could happen on the road. Having an immediate copy of all of your IDs and CC online is absolutely essential. Regardless of which email hosting you use, there is always an option to create folder which will contain all necessary emails with personal information. But, if you want to be extra secure, you can always create a DropBox account and leave all essentials there.

4. Save important destination points with Google Offline Feature


While connected to WiFi or your internet data, pull up a map of where you’ll need to navigate, and type “OK maps” into the search box. You will have an option to download a saved screen for offline use. You can also drop pins or mark specific places of interest since you won’t be able to search for them offline. For extra security, you can even take several screen shots of specific areas at different zoom lengths. This should help you save tons of time getting around.

5. Use Plastic storage bag to fit your bulky dress


When travelling with a carry on bag,  get you bulky ballroom dress to fit by packing it in a vacuum packed plastic storage bag. These are the ones where you suck out air with a vacuum cleaner. If you do not have one on hand, you can sit on the bag to squeeze the air out as much as possible.

6. Take your dance costume, shoes and jewelry into carry on.


Now that you know how to make your costume “smaller”, be sure to throw it into your carry on bag. The reason is simple: You arrive at a competition, and your airline company had lost your luggage. Well, at least you will have your costume, since all other items could be purchased on the spot and you still get to dance.

7. “Bounce” It.


Drop a sheet of Bounce into your bag before packing. You can also throw a few sheets into a ziplock bag to take with you, as you never know how your room is going to smell when you arrive at your hotel.

8. Use sealable plastic container for your jewelry.


If your dance jewelry did not come in with a special traveling case, you can easily make your own. Almost all supermarkets and variety stores hold a bunch of them in various sizes to choose from. You can also add some plastic foam or bubble wrap to fill up the empty spots, and hold your dance treasures in place.

9. Use empty TicTac case for your bobby pins and hair clips.


You think you have all your makeup stuff together, but the reality hits when you have to do your hair for the competition, and you cannot find tiny necessities like bobby pins and hair clips, and sometimes safety pins. Well, now it has been resolved.

10. Fold, then Roll Your Clothes


This technique will save you space and keep your clothes wrinkle free.

Header Photography: Egorich.ca
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